In This Episode – Rob Levin is the Chairman and Investor in Work Better Now, a company that provides remote workforce and virtual assistant services to help business owners run their operations more efficiently. His business is white hot today!

Highlights and Takeaways from Rob:

  • It’s harder than ever to be a business owner because of the constant changes in customer habits, employee expectations, technology, and marketing.
  • If a business owner is doing administrative work themselves, they are not doing the things they need to be doing to stay on top of the changing business landscape.
  • Hiring a virtual assistant can free up time and energy for business owners to focus on more important tasks.
  • Work Better Now’s model is disruptive and platform-based, connecting qualified workers with companies looking for their expertise.
  • The pandemic was an inflection point that resolved some of the concerns people had about remote work and led to increased demand for virtual assistants.
  • Clients started hiring multiple virtual assistants for different roles and tasks, leading the company to expand its offerings beyond executive assistance.
  • Remote work is now ingrained in the way we do business, leading to increased acceptance and demand for outsourcing talent.
  • Luck and timing played a critical role in the company’s success, as the pandemic led to increased demand for remote work and virtual assistants.
  • Work Better Now is thinking about expanding into other areas beyond virtual assistance, such as AI and automation.