In This Episode, John Lawson returns to our podcast to speak with Brian about AI, e-Commerce, and the massive disruption that is knocking on our collective business doors. 

Knowledge Bombs from John:

  • AI is currently in a hype mode, but the potential for significant advancements is just beginning.
  • AI could be even bigger than the internet itself, second only to fire in terms of impact.
  • Even experts cannot predict the full extent of AI’s capabilities because it has evolved beyond its initial purpose and is constantly surprising developers.
  • AI adoption can help small businesses reduce costs, save time, and enhance efficiency, leading to improved profitability.
  • Specific applications of AI in e-commerce include personalized recommendations, chatbots for customer service, and training chatbots to provide product-specific information.
  • AI should be viewed as a platform, and Chat GPT is an interface that allows users to interact with AI using natural language.
  • AI can handle unformatted data and derive insights from it, making it more accessible and efficient for businesses.
  • AI can make small businesses highly efficient and capable of running large operations with minimal human resources.
  • Wearable technology is a practical means of connecting to AI and receiving personalized recommendations and information.
  • AI tools can help businesses improve their SEO by rewriting product titles and descriptions based on keyword research.
  • Content creation is mentioned as another area where AI can assist by generating blog posts, videos, and other forms of content.
  • AI can also be leveraged for email marketing, segmenting customer lists, and personalizing email content for different audience segments.