In This Episode – Karen Dillon and Rob Cross are co-authors of The Microstress Effect, how Little Things Pile Up and Create Big Problems, and What to Do about It. Their book was released this week. I spoke with Karen about microstresses—what are they, what triggers them, and how can we best deal with them.  

  Highlights from Karen:

  • Microstresses are small moments of stress that happen from routine interactions at work or within the home.
  • Microstresses come in dozens a day because they’re with the people we love and interact with regularly, making them a reality for each and every one of us.
  • Microstress can put you on edge, making the macro problems seem even more catastrophic. 
  • Dealing with microstress involves nipping it in the bud. Deal with miscommunications as they come so the bad energy doesn’t spill over into the rest of your day.
  • Building strong connections with other human beings can help offset the effects of microstress.
  • Take an honest look at what kind of microstress you may be causing others and address it. This will enhance leadership skills and foster a better environment for everyone involved.
  • Microstress is no small enemy. It can attack your body even in its basic functions, like digestion. Paying close attention to “the little things” can produce huge benefits to your well-being.