In This Episode

Laura Meyer, serial entrepreneur, and host of the “Next Level Leap” podcast discusses her upcoming book “Win-Win.” Laura outlines how to create meaningful partnerships that generate revenue for both sides. Excellent advice and key takeaways!

Smart Tips from Laura:

  • Many business owners don’t know how to properly utilize “the ask” in their business relationships. They either never ask, they don’t know how to ask, they don’t know what’s an appropriate ask, or they don’t have anything to offer in exchange. 
  • I’m encouraging my clients and followers to find a middle ground where it’s an appropriate ask at the right time. This allows them to build relationships that fuel the growth of their businesses.
  • It’s difficult to manufacture fake charisma. People can sense when someone is not genuine or authentic.
  • People who are most successful in business because of the relationships that they’ve built are givers. I have a bias towards being generous first. I figure out what I can do for someone else without worrying about when or if it will come back to me.