In this episode, Brian talks with Judi Henderson, an accidental entrepreneur who owns the largest mannequin recycling/liquidation company in the country. Judi has an amazing story to tell.

Highlights from Judi Henderson

  • When I grew up, entrepreneurship wasn’t on the table. There was no such thing as girl boss. To me, living close to Silicon Valley, an entrepreneur was a young white male from Stanford with venture capital money in the tech field. I certainly didn’t see myself in that life. 
  • When I found out how many retail stores threw out perfectly good mannequins because it was last year’s style, I saw an opportunity. And this was way before people were talking about sustainability. 
  • I offered retail stores an alternative. They give me their mannequins, and I pay to remove them. I then sold the mannequins for a nice profit. This became my business model. The Internet allowed me to reach customers all over the U.S. and Canada. 
  • I called my company “Mannequin Madness because, when I started the business, everyone thought I was a little crazy for doing it. 
  • We have 55,000 followers on Pinterest. It’s a big DIY market where people turn mannequins into Christmas trees and mailboxes. 
  • The biggest mistake I made was not seeing myself as a entrepreneur. 
  • I’m 65 and not even close to retirement. I have new and bigger dreams today than I had 20 years ago. I’m much more comfortable when taking risks. 
  • There is always something you can learn from other entrepreneurs.