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Small Business Edge provides advice and insights to guide small business owners

Small Business Edge provides advice and insights to guide small business owners and startup businesses in uncertain times. Whether it is about cash flow, remote working, credit, bankruptcy, employees, getting a loan, or dealing with stress and time management issues, when entrepreneurs have questions, they get answers on

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Five Things To Know This Week:

1) Becoming a Thought Leader
2) Fighting Inflation
3) Prepare Your Home Office for Remodeling
4) Top Small Business Cities in America
5) Resource of the Week: National Women’s Business Council

 Brian Moran, CEO
 Small Business Edge
Brian Moran & Associates


 Becoming a Thought Leader

A tried-and-true marketing technique and one of the best ways to promote your business—and your personal profile—is to be considered a thought leader by your industry and your peers. But posting “thought leader” in your LinkedIn and Twitter bios doesn’t make it so.

Influence&CO has a comprehensive post discussing what a thought leader is, why thought leadership is not the same as content marketing (though many people have that mistaken notion), and the three key aspects of developing an effective thought leadership strategy.

Read more about how to be a thought leader.

  Fighting Inflation

Inflation is on the minds of all small business owners—and consumers. According to the Megaphone of Mainstreet: Inflation & the Economy, a new report from SCORE, 30.5% of business owners are “extremely worried about inflation” and rank it as their primary business concern, and 62.5% are “generally concerned about inflation and keeping an eye on rising prices.”

The report also addresses the other challenges small business owners face, including attracting customers, cash flow, inflation, supply chain disruptions, and the solutions they’re turning to.

Read more about how to combat inflation.

 Prepare Your Home Office for Remodeling

Americans continue to remodel their homes at a record pace. And since many of us continue to work remotely, a home office redo is on the top of many homeowners’ wish lists. But if you’ve already been running your business remotely, chances are your home office is filled with paperwork, files, office equipment, and accessories.

There’s a helpful blog at Houzz that explains how to efficiently pack up your current home office without being overwhelmed and create a more functional new home office with a place for everything (including non-office items that “creep” in). One key mantra—“no piles.”

Read more about preparing your home office for a remodel.

 Top Small Business Cities in America

Do you know the way to San Jose? As a business owner, perhaps you should find out since the northern California city was named the Biz2Credit “Best Small Business City in America,” based on factors, such as average annual 2021 revenues, credit scores, age of business, and Biz2Credit’s proprietary BizAnalyzer score.

Rounding out the top 10 “Best Small Business Cities” were: Baltimore, New York, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, Portland OR, Providence, RI, and Denver.
The full report has tons more detail, including all the top 25 cities, the best cities ranked by credit score, annual revenue, and more.

Read more about the top small business cities in the U.S.

  Small Business Resource: National Women’s Business Council

The National Women’s Business Council (NWBC) is a non-partisan federal advisory committee serving as an independent source of advice and policy recommendations to the President, the U.S. Congress (to the Committees on Small Business of the Senate and House of Representatives), and to the Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration (through the Assistant Administrator of the Office of Women’s Business Ownership) on issues of importance to women business owners and entrepreneurs.

The NWBC runs monthly webinars, roundtable discussions, and public meetings to discuss policies, regulations, initiatives, and more for women entrepreneurs and business owners. For more information on the NWBC, click here.

Listen to my 5 in Five podcast with Whitney here.


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