In This Episode: Greg Powell is the Head of Brand and Product Marketing at Fundbox, a fintech company building the world’s first payment and credit network. Brian and Greg talk about Fundbox’s recent rebranding campaign and what small business owners can learn from their year-long rebranding journey.

Rebranding Insights from Greg Powell:

The rebranding process starts with a commitment from everyone involved because it’s not something that will happen quickly. It is a journey.

We took the “Go slow to go fast” approach to our rebranding campaign. We were methodic and carefully reviewed important decisions.

Brand building today is different than it was 25-30 years ago. Back then, companies would build a brand and push it out through four different channels – print, TV, radio, and outdoor. It was the brand’s voice. Today, consumers aren’t receptive to those messages; they want to see themselves in the brand.

It’s ok to target a very narrow segment of your market, but target it in a way that your brand can own it! You want to speak to those customers and prospects as if you knew them all personally.

Branding matters to your customers. They want to have an emotional connection to your brand.