In This Episode:

In this month’s segment on “Big Business Advice for Small Business Owners,” I spoke with
Ketan Karkhanis, EVP and GM of Sales Cloud at Salesforce. We had an excellent discussion on Generative AI
and how it will expedite automation in small businesses, especially in the areas of sales and customer service.

Highlights from Ketan:

● Small Business owners don’t have unlimited resources. Generative AI can help them get more with
less, and utilize technology faster and more seamlessly.
● Generative AI puts the mold of clay on the table for you, and it has already created the outline of the
sculpture that you want to create.
● Generative AI is not a spaceship you need to build. Just like the GPS function on your smartphone, it is
user-friendly and is designed to do the work for you.
● AI isn’t magic, and it won’t make you successful alone. But, it will save you time and energy that you
can now put into other aspects of your business.
● Look for generative AI technology that has automation baked in. This will take away the intimidation
factor of the technology.