In This Episode:

Paul Paray is an attorney who provides privacy and data breach counsel for firms after data incidents. Paul and Brian have a frank discussion about cybersecurity, real threats, and steps business owners can take to protect themselves today.

Cybersecurity Tips from Paul Paray:

  • Business owners don’t spend their time thinking about possible cyberattacks. They are focused on revenue, satisfying clients, and on things that give them the ability to survive. By nature, they are only looking at the issues in front of them.
  • Be mindful of cyberattacks. Don’t just ignore them as if it won’t happen to your business. Learn how to protect your business from hackers.
  • Data security is often driven by common sense. For example, no one should have their password written on a post-it in a desk drawer.
  • Only collect customer data that you need because you will need to protect it.
  • Have a response plan, in place, BEFORE you get hacked. Know the first 4-5 steps you need to take immediately after learning about a data breach.
  • A checklist you need to fill out in order to get cyber insurance is a great way to see how protected your business is against hackers.
  • Sometimes the simplest safeguards may keep your business from getting hacked.