In This Episode:

Arlene Dickinson is one of Canada’s most renowned and beloved entrepreneurs. She is CEO of Venture Communications, General Partner for District Ventures Capital, and one of the venture capitalists on the award-winning CBC series Dragons’ Den. Arlene and Brian talk about her latest book “Reinvention” and share advice on how to change your life, your career and your future.

Reinvention Tips from Arlene Dickinson:

  • Reinvention allows someone who got knocked down to get up and chart a new path for themselves.
  • Reinvention requires three things: Introspection (we must realize our own capabilities), Accountability (to the change that is coming), and Purpose (why do you need to change your ways).
  • Too many people focus on their obstacles and not their goals
  • Reinvention does not happen overnight!
  • To go forward, once you’ve landed in a ditch, you must first look back to understand how you landed in the ditch in the first place
  • There are 3 C’s to Reinvention: Currency (what you have to offer), Core Purpose (why you get out of bed), and Context (understanding the world around you).


Twitter: Arlene Dickinson

LinkedIn: Arlene Dickinson

Website: District Ventures Capital

Book: Reinvention (Canada)

Book: Reinvention (US)

TV Show: Dragon’s Den