In This Episode: Ashley Hubka, SVP/GM at Walmart Business, talks about what she learned in 2023 from business owners and the communities they serve. She also tells Brian about new features Walmart Business is introducing in 2024 based on in-depth feedback from customers.

Podcast Highlights

Targeted Focus on Organizational Customers: Walmart Business launched as a strategic decision to focus on a significant customer segment – small and medium-sized businesses and nonprofits. It was in recognition of the distinct needs of these customers compared to their traditional consumer base.

Walmart Marketplace: The Walmart marketplace expands product assortment for customers and presents opportunities for small businesses to become sellers.

Subscription and Easy Reorder Features: Walmart Business provides subscription options and an ‘easy reorder’ feature which simplifies the purchasing process for businesses and nonprofits. 

Emphasis on Cost Efficiencies and Control: Walmart Business focuses on providing features that enable businesses to save time, simplify purchasing, stay in stock, and control their expenses. 

Continuous Learning and Adaptation for Future Growth: Walmart Business plans to expand its assortment and develop tools for spend management. The aim is to offer more industry-specific products and enable businesses to manage their expenses better, ensuring compliance with their buying policies.