In this Episode: 

Brian talks to Chuck Cooper, Managing Member of Whitewater Consulting and author of Unprecedented: Building a Multi-generational Business on Trust, Respect, and the Valuing of People. They have a fascinating conversation about how the pandemic changed the role of employer and employee forever. Learn about the importance of reviewing your company culture, approach to business, leadership communications and more. Bring a pen and notepad too!

Chuck’s Insights

  • We carry the way we feel at work, with us to our home. And so that has an impact on our personal view of ourselves, as well as our, our families as well.
  • Today we have an opportunity NOT to continue doings things as we have always done them. We can create what we want our new norms to be going forward. Let’s make sure we know what those new norms ought to be.
  • Give employees a roadmap on how they can grow and develop their skills. It will build loyalty and commitment from the employee to the company and could mean retaining people for a longer time.
  • Success starts and ends with your employees. They are a company’s greatest asset. They help define and execute the mission and the vision of your company.