Brian Moran

Brian Moran & Associates

Tom Butler

Executive Director, WW Commercial Portfolio and Product Management at Lenovo

In This Episode:  Tom Butler, Executive Director Worldwide Commercial Portfolio and Product Management at Lenovo, tells Brian how business owners can leverage AI to increase productivity and achieve quick wins. Lots of practical tips and future trends included to help business owners stay ahead of the tech curve.

Insights from Tom Butler: 

  • Embrace AI for Productivity: AI can significantly enhance business productivity by automating remedial tasks, allowing business owners to focus on more creative and strategic activities.
  • Business owners should start on AI with quick wins—the automation of daily tasks, the creation of frameworks for processes, which will help owners operationalize their businesses and save time.
  • The AI PC is going to know you, it is going to know your day-to-day activities, your likes, and preferences, and tailor your experience to meet your needs more effectively.
  • We are constantly listening to the voice of the customer, testing in the market, and analyzing big data to understand the challenges our customers are facing, ensuring our products meet their needs.

Plan for the Future: While it’s essential to focus on immediate gains, also keep an eye on long-term trends and innovations, such as AI, to ensure your business remains competitive and can scale effectively over time.