In This Episode: Richard Saul Wurman is the Founder of TED conferences and the author of 90 books. He shares insights from his last book “Understanding Understanding” as well as funny, wonderful stories from his life and daily experiences.

Eight Insights from Richard Saul Wurman:

  • In order to achieve great success in our society, you must do one thing and do it very well.
  • I want to do everything I do better than my expectation.
  • The most essential prerequisite to understanding is to admit when you don’t understand something. Strive to be the dumbest person in the room. Ignorance is an ideal state from which to learn.
  • Information anxiety is the black hole between data and knowledge. It happens when information doesn’t tell us what we want to or need to know.
  • One of the most anxiety-inducing side effects of the information era is the feeling that you must know it all.
  • Most information does not inform, and most questions don’t have a quest. Ask questions that, when answered properly, inform you.
  • When we apply filters to what we’re trying to understand, we lose the true essence of the meaning of whatever we see.
  • Comfort is not your friend. You don’t learn anything from a comfort zone other than being comfortable.