In This Episode: Adi Engel, CMO of Vcita, urges business owners to save time and money by automating their appointments and payments while managing their customers.

Time Saving Tips from Adi Engel:

  • One thing that our customers need is reoccurring engagement with their customers. We believe they should use a business management tool to manage these aspects of their business for them. 
  • There are things that you can automate that can take a lot off your plate in terms of those urgent and essential things. 
  • We offer clear tutorials and release new features in a way that’s instantly usable for our customers.
  • If we ask business owners to spend time on administrative tasks with us, then we must be respectful of their time.
  • Three tips for business owners: Take care of your business basics, take care of your payments, and keep your VIP clients close to you.