In This Episode

Dave Kerpen shares his tips, secrets, and advice on what makes leaders successful. “Set the strategy and vision, hire the right people in the right seats, and assure access to capital and resources to get the job done.” Find out what else Dave has to say about time management, delegation, and what he’s doing more of now in the morning. An educational and entertaining podcast.

Advice from Dave Kerpen:

  • Time management includes learning how to say no. It’s also knowing when to say yes, with conditions, and then prioritizing what’s important.
  • There are three main things that leaders should do with their time: Strategize, hire the right people, and assure access to capital.
  • As a leader, you need to delegate to the right people in the right seats. Do not try to do everything yourself.
  • Shift your mindset! The fear of not being able to spend time with friends and family because you are doing everything at work should outweigh the fear of delegating because someone might mess up.
  • As leaders, we must have the time and mental bandwidth to focus on the big picture, the strategy, and vision.
  • Find accountability partners, mentors, peers, advisors, etc. They will make sure you do the work.