In This Episode: David Collado, CEO of Happy Howies, shares his secrets of building his brand after the Great Recession, the importance of watching financials, hiring the right people, and how Happy Howies navigated the pandemic’s twists and turns. Great takeaways for any and every business owner.

Treats from David Collado:

  • If we can grow our company, make dogs happy, and make an excellent product that customers keep coming back for, then we can make a difference.
  • Our company culture starts with our core values: unity, devotion, integrity, daily improvements, and customer happiness.
  • The biggest way that our culture helped us during the pandemic is that the entire team trusted that leadership would always do the right thing by them.
  • I totally recommend business owners to enter contests, even if you think you will never win anything. If there is an opportunity to enter a contest and to promote your company, do it.
  • Our employees had no reason to doubt that things would be any different during the pandemic, because we had been through challenging times, and you don’t work together for almost 10 years without coming across some obstacles.