In this episode, Hamshy Raveendran, Head of Product GTM for Samsung America’s B2B Mobile group, talks to Brian about the future of mobile technology (e.g. phones, watches) and how business owners are using the devices to promote wellness, productivity, and working remotely.

Mobile Tech Tips from Hamshy Raveendran:

  • Businesses need technology that provides the flexibility to work from anywhere; this is the new normal in our economy.
  • Two-thirds of companies are considering permanent work from home policies, a measurable increase from a year and a half ago.
  • Wellness, employee satisfaction, and employee health are all interlinked. Smart businesses are looking to leverage smartwatches as incentives for healthy living, better time management, and increased productivity (e.g., walking meetings).
  • The new Samsung watches give employees insights to help manage their wellness. Some of the new features include a bioactive sensor that allows employees to monitor their blood pressure, detect an irregular heartbeat, measure their blood oxygen level, and calculate their body composition.
  • The Samsung Insights Page has case studies, videos, and information about new products. The Samsung YouTube page has tips, tricks, neat videos that dive further into each of the new products and features.