In this episode, Britt Michaelian is an artist, Reiki Master, and Quantum Healer. She also helps people and businesses heal themselves through the incredible powers of positive energy—which can be found in everything from the colors we choose, to the art we hang on our walls to the foods we eat. This is a MUST listen to podcast.

Healing Advice from Britt:

  • Energy Alignment and Business – Personal energy plays a significant role in business success. It’s important to ground yourself and maintain high vibrational energy to provide a service that aligns with the best version of yourself.
  • Energy Choices – The energy choices we make daily, from the food we consume to the art we hang on our walls, have a real impact on our overall energy, positively or negatively. Choose wisely!
  • Attracting Like Energy – By grounding ourselves and aligning with our purpose, we attract clients who match that same frequency or energy, creating a more harmonious and productive working relationship.
  • Seven Healing Practices for Clarity, Purpose, and Joy – The seven healing practices are based on grounding, inspiration, movement, nourishment, gratitude, forgiveness, and grace, which form the basis of Britt’s work and her podcast, The Daily Healing.
  • Forgiveness and Grace – By forgiving ourselves and others, we create room for growth, learning, and deeper connections.
  • Creating New Habits – Entrepreneurs can incorporate Britt’s healing practices into their daily routines. She suggests pairing these practices with other daily habits to ensure consistency and make the practices an integral part of their life.
  • Consistency and Conscious Decisions – in personal practices, even if they are small, can lead to noticeable positive changes.

Simple, everyday actions – Small everyday changes, such as replacing uninspiring art or opening a window, can significantly affect one’s vibrational state.