In this episode

Brian speaks with John Lawson, an entrepreneur, author, and globally recognized e-commerce expert and speaker. They discuss the state of e-commerce in 2022 and how the pandemic rapidly accelerated the move to e-commerce by millions of business owners.

Key Takeaways from John Lawson:

  • The average small business has only 30 days of cash on hand.
  • PWC predicts that global cashless payment voles will double from 2020 to 2025, to almost 1.9 trillion transactions due to the changes brought by the pandemic.
  • There is a pretty bright future for retail right now, whether that be online, offline, or a hybrid of both.
  • In 2020, e-commerce basically grew 10 years’ worth in six months
  • Since 2020 a lot more people have been welcomed into the convenience of e-commerce and digital marketing,