In this Episode

Brian talks to entrepreneur, keynote speaker, top global consultant, and author Whitney Johnson about her latest book, “Smart Growth: How to Grow Your People to Grow Your Company.” They discuss many of the obstacles facing business owners and their employees today, and how the savviest leaders are successfully navigating the “S-curves” of 2022.

Whitney’s Advice for Smart Growth:

  • Having a great team at work allows leaders to figure out where they are, how they can grow, how to grow the team, and ultimately how to grow the company.
  • When hiring a future employee, determine where they are in their growth cycle, what they are trying to get done, and what are their aspirations.
  • When trying something new, you find yourself at a launch point. It’s awkward and clumsy and gangly. Then, you move into the sweet spot where you are exhilarated, and everything is working. There is growth and it feels fast. At some point, you master the job or skill, and you are no longer learning. You get bored, and you need to move onto the next launch point.
  • An important lesson while moving up the S-curve is learning to say “no.” You must stay focused.