In This Episode

Brian speaks with Christine Telyan, Co-Founder and CEO of UENI (pronounced You and I) a mission-driven organization that has helped build beautiful and functional websites for over 650,000 small businesses. Find out what makes UENI so special and how they can help your business compete today.   

Highlights from Christine:

  • What we offer is easy because our websites are done for you, and they’re simple to edit. There’s no coding copy or design. Business owners pay $149 once for a professional online presence. If you want, we can help with marketing on an ongoing basis for a low fee.
  • Most small businesses don’t need a highly custom website. There are formulas to making a successful website and we follow them.
  • As a small business owner, you need to tell your story to stand out from the next business out there. A great website from UENI can help you.
  • Tech is an enigma; it’s the great enabler and yet, as it becomes more advanced, it alienates people without the bandwidth to learn it. Tech is not necessarily complex, but it does require time and focus to learn how to use it properly.