In this Episode: 

Small Business Spotlight is a new monthly segment on the Small Business Edge podcast. In this episode, Brian speaks with Leah Farrell, the owner of b. minton, about starting her company in the middle of the pandemic. Leah shares her stories and lessons from getting burned out in corporate America to starting a company that makes beautiful and original self-care gift boxes for women. All items in each gift box come from fellow small business owners. It’s a great story!

Leah’s Advice to Fellow Business Owners: 

  • When talking about e-commerce, consumers interact differently. Think about language and how you talk about your business.
  • Just because you love doing something doesn’t mean you need to monetize it. 
  • Roadmap your business. Project in terms of three months, six months, and up to five years. Visualize where you want to go.
  • You need balance in your life and your business. Grow your business at a rate that makes sense for your life and your clients.