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In our monthly Small Business Spotlight segment, Brian talks to Savita Jones, Founder of the Ashland Birth Center and grand prize winner of the Barclays “Small Biz, Big Wins” contest. Savita shares her stories and lessons from being raised into the midwife world to starting a company that lets families enjoy the intimate and beautiful side of birth and delivery. It’s a great story!

Savita’s Experience

  • Our practice is based on social desires to have intimate and meaningful care during such a special time in a family’s life.
  • Our business plan has been a living and growing document. For over 10 years, I’ve learned how to use my plan to achieve our goals in business.
  • The more our business plan supports Ashland Birth Center in its growth and development, the more I can work ON the business instead of in it.
  • During the pandemic, local hospitals were filled with COVID patients. It was scary for families to think about delivering their babies at the same hospitals. The pandemic pushed our company into a new growth phase.