In This Episode

Dr. Gerry Curatola is a dentist, wellness expert, entrepreneur, author, and international speaker. Dr. Gerry and Brian talk about his experience running a dental practice and an entrepreneurial company during a global pandemic. He also gives a stern warning about the unhealthy lifestyles of Americans and some advice on how we can change our ways. Below are excerpts from our podcast show.

Tips from Dr. Gerry:

  • We started doing home studies several years ago. When sleep apnea started to be much more actively diagnosed, we realized that it puts patients at risk for heart attack, stroke, sudden death, dementia, hypertension, diabetes and many other diseases and chronic conditions.
  • It is important for businesses to stay in touch with their clients right now. Every week I reach out to my patients just to connect with them. People need encouragement. Our patients want to know that we are ok, that we are for them in case they need us. We reassure them that we are maintaining a healthy, sterile environment in the event they need to come see us.
  • The coronavirus pandemic will be the catalyst for a new normal in healthcare industry – which will make things better. For example, we have UV filters on our centralized air systems. We have ionized positive pressure air in the operating rooms. We have been doing these things long before the current pandemic, and we will elevate our safety conditions to an even higher level now because the safety of our employees and patients is paramount in our practice.
  • As we adjust to the new normal, we need to actively look at how to create the safest environment in healthcare offices, especially dentists who create a lot of dental and respiratory aerosols in the treatment rooms.
  • I see a need for “Respiratory Pathogen Protection Equipment Packages” in a post COVID-19 world in addition to the standard sterilization, and these packages will need to be financed to be affordable to the dentist.
  • The biggest thing that I wish I knew in January was more emergency preparedness. I would have had a greater stock of personal protection equipment. There are vulnerabilities when you are not prepared. My brother always says, “Prepare for the worst, and pray for the best.”