In this episode

Brian speaks with Kaaryn Nailor, Assistant Dean, Community Partnerships & Managing Director, Columbia-Harlem Small Business Development Center. Kaaryn shares the wonderful and innovative ways her SBDC team is helping business owners in upper Manhattan successfully navigate 2022. There are LOTS of good nuggets of advice in this podcast so give it a listen!

Small Biz Tips and Resources from Kaaryn Nailor:

  • Don’t try to figure everything out by yourself. Get help from your local small business development center (SBDC). The resources at our centers can help small businesses. 
  • AT SBDCs, businesses will find counselors and programs that encourage them to expand the view of their business and the marketplace; see all available options, obstacles, and opportunities.
  • Since the beginning of the pandemic, businesses had to shift the way they interact with customers. The shift consisted of having a physical store but also have an online business.
  • Customers want to hear your story! They want to know about the values of the businesses they support. Having an original story connects directly with customers is more important than ever.