In This Episode – Ali Necker, a 3rd generation jewelry designer, shares why clients from all over the country share personal stories and valuable jewelry with her; the expressions on their faces when I’m done are priceless. 

  Highlights from Ali:

  • In my business, referrals are important, but people will also do a Google search and look at Instagram and other social media channels to see what customers are saying. 
  • I put a lot of energy into creating my Instagram reels to keep up with the algorithm and reach the right people.
  • The challenge I have is that many of my jewelry pieces are very personal, and some clients don’t want to leave a public review because it feels too personal. I’m trying to make it more comfortable for them.
  • I’m a third-generation jeweler. I learned, firsthand, about the value of artisanal skills and craftsmanship in the jewelry industry.
  • My family’s ability to take risks, and constantly reinvent themselves in the jewelry business helped them to outlast many other businesses in the Midwest.
  • My clients trust me to create a piece of jewelry that captures their personal story, memories, and emotions, and challenges them to think beyond a classic, simple design. 
  • Some of my favorite projects are the ones where clients want to infuse their personality into inherited jewelry pieces. I love the feeling of seeing someone’s expression when they realize that I took the time to listen to them and understand them.