In This Episode – Tami Cannizzaro, CMO at Thryv, is on a mission to help business owners save valuable time each day by making them more efficient and productive. And it all starts with your phone. This is an excellent podcast for business owners who have no time and are always on the move.

Highlights from Tami:

    • Small business owners work incredibly hard and often put in long hours. They wear multiple hats, including marketing, sales, operations, and administration.
    • Business owners often struggle with managing the backend tasks and paperwork of their businesses. Thryv helps business owners save time and increase productivity by automating processes.
    • The ability to run your business from a phone is a significant selling point for home service providers who are constantly on the go.
    • Effective time management is crucial for business success. Our tools help business owners better manage their time. We provide 24/7 support and have local business representatives to assist our customers with onboarding and ongoing support.
    • Adopting technology and implementing automation may require an initial time investment, but it can lead to long-term efficiency and time savings for small business owners.
    • Many people only utilize a fraction of their phone’s capabilities, missing out on opportunities for increased productivity.
  • The Command Center feature of Thryv brings all communications from various platforms into one dashboard, providing a dedicated phone line and chat. Starting this month, we are offering The Command Center for free, providing an easy entry point for small business owners to adopt technology.
  • Thryv’s roadshow is traveling across the country in an RV, engaging with business owners, providing hands-on demonstrations, and distributing resources. It offers a chance for face-to-face interactions and conversations about how technology can support businesses. Our roadshow schedule and additional information can be found on the Thrive website, with the team making scheduled stops and engaging with local small business groups.