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Kate Bradley Chernis
Kate Bradley Chernis

Kate is the founder and CEO of Lately, an app that can easily generate quality content from digital, audio, and video links. If you produce digital content, you definitely want to know about Lately. In this episode, Brian & Kate discuss the process of launching and running an entrepreneurial company

Nuggets of Wisdom from Kate

  •  Don’t wait until you have the perfect plan to start something; it will never happen. Sometimes you just need to get started, take the first step!
  • To me, failure is never an option. I might stumble and fall, but I get back on the roller coaster ride. I will always finish what I started. That is important to me.
  • Almost every company today is trying to reinvent themselves; the way they are doing it is online.
  • As a woman entrepreneur, I often work 98% harder than my male counterparts, especially when it comes to raising money. Not to acknowledge this discrimination would be an insult to all the other women entrepreneurs out there who are also busting their asses trying to build a successful business.  We constantly second guess ourselves while we fight to validate our dreams. We think that we must be the crazy ones; most male company founders don’t have these issues