In this Episode

Brian talks with Gordon Henry, EVP and Chief Strategy Officer at Thryv, an end-to-end client experience platform for growing small businesses. They discuss the many obstacles and opportunities in front of business owners as we all prepare hit the ground running in 2022.

Advice from Gordon Henry

  • Optimizing Google Search is becoming a must for businesses. If somebody is searching for a business in your category, your company should be at the top of that page.
  • Consumers want to do business the same way they do everything else today, through their phones; integrating apps is an easier way to do business.
  • Who are the prospects that are best suited to your offer? Marketing to them is a great way to progress your business. With every sale, you improve the average value of each customer.
  • Everyday tasks such as billing, payments, appointments, and reports can and should be handled electronically in an automated fashion. This will free you up to work “on” your business more instead of “in” your business.