In This Episode: Sean Hynes shares his views on persistence in business, informal one-on-one meetings, and dealing with personal issues in professional settings. He also discusses the importance of resilience and diversity in building effective teams.

Key Takeaways: 

Tell-Ask-Act (TAA) Model for Employee Development: Sean emphasizes the importance of employees speaking up for themselves to advance in their careers. He suggests a circular model where employees should tell their leaders about their achievements and involvement in initiatives, ask for feedback, act on this feedback, and then check back with their leaders for further guidance. This process helps in continuous personal and professional development.

Communication Challenges in a Hybrid/Remote Work Environment: It can be difficult maintaining effective communication and a strong company culture in the post-COVID era, where hybrid and remote working models are prevalent. 

Handling Personal Issues in a Professional Setting: While leaders should be approachable and empathetic, they must also guide employees towards appropriate resources like HR or counseling services when personal issues exceed professional boundaries.

Influence of Personal Background on Leadership: Sean discusses how his father, a longtime Brooklyn district attorney, influenced his leadership style. He learned the value of having a diverse team, gaining energy from team interaction during tough times, and the importance of surrounding himself with people who are not afraid to challenge his ideas.

Navigating Professional Challenges and Failures: Sean stresses the importance of resilience when learning from failures. Done correctly, the lessons learned will ultimately strengthen character and leadership skills.