In This Episode

Kevin Gilroy and Carrie Maslen are the co-founders of Gilroy and Associates. They provide strategic consulting and actionable guidance to public and privately held companies. In this episode, Kevin and Carrie talk with Brian about what real leadership skills look like in a time of crisis.

Leadership Lessons From Kevin and Carrie:

  • Leaders must look outside themselves, expand their point of view to learn from others. Find out what is working in similar situations, what should we do more/less of, how can we successfully navigate the pandemic?
  • It’s never too late to start practicing your communication and empathy skills. Acknowledge that your team, however large or small, will need time to process everything that has and continues to happen; be human in your response.
  • Do everything you can to take practical, actionable steps today while planning what your new future might look like.
  • Challenge the status quo. Now’s the time to think through what adjustments we want to make with transactional and reactionary moves.
  • Four key moves to make: Communicate with everyone in your business world, conserve cash, avoid unnecessary expenses, and renegotiate terms. Cash is king!