In This Episode – How MOBI, My Own Business Institute, is helping tens of thousands of people all over the world start and manage their own businesses in 2023. 

Highlights from Trish:

  • After passing a mere 20 hour course, you are eligible to receive either a certificate of completion from Santa Clara University and or a digital badge that can be used on all your virtual portfolios.
  • The course is completely free, entirely virtual and can be done all on your own schedule. 
  • Users can choose to review one of the 36 sessions and or topics that fit their needs or goals, in English or Spanish.
  • MOBI is trying to bring education and opportunity to those who would not be able to get it themselves. Their  typical student is looking to pursue their dream and make an impact, a positive impact for their family and or their community.
  • MOBI offers a starting business course that aims to help those wanting to become small business owners build a strong foundation to create that house they want to live in.