In This Episode: Anthony Kieran is a serial entrepreneur from Belfast, Northern Ireland who has overcome tremendous adversity to achieve incredible success. Among his several companies, he owns the Regency Belfast, recently crowned as the “most luxurious place to stay in Northern Ireland” by Forbes magazine.

Podcast Highlights:

  • Anthony Kieran reflects on how trauma in his early life shaped him and instilled a desire to overcome adversity.
  • The pivotal moment in his life when he survived a bomb blast and how it influenced his decision to leave Ireland.
  • Anthony shares his journey from Liverpool to Pittsburgh and his eye-opening experiences in the United States working for NASA and meeting his future wife.

Advice from Anthony:

  • It is important to respond positively to crises and embrace the opportunities that life presents.
  • Creating a positive company culture, where employees are engaged and motivated to come to work is critical to long-term success.
  • Nurture and support employees’ career aspirations and provide pathways for growth within the company.
  • For fellow and aspiring business owners, follow your passion, surround yourself with mentors and good people, be cautious with financial decisions, and resilient when taking calculated risks.