In this Episode: Jalen Hurts and Jason Kelce aren’t the only MVPs on one of the best teams in the NFL. Jen Kavanagh leads a 50-person team that oversees the intricacies of player engagement, creative branding, and community involvement. She masterfully balances individual creativity with team identity and executes on Game Day like a 10-time Pro Bowler!

Inside Jen’s World: Podcast Highlights 

Dynamic Work Environment: Jen outlines how her responsibilities shift between the offseason, which is focused on planning and strategizing, and the in-season period, which involves executing those plans. 

Community Engagement and Branding: Jen emphasizes the focus her team puts on creating experiences and messages that are true to the Eagles’ identity and the team’s efforts in engaging with the community through various activities. 

Continuous Learning and Adaptation: Jen talks about keeping a repository of ideas, moments, and feedback that helps in shaping future strategies. This approach is vital in industries where trends and audience preferences evolve rapidly.

Player Engagement and Idea Generation: The team’s understanding of players’ interests and personalities allows for the creation of content and activities that resonate both with the players and the fans. 

Jason Kelce’s Creative Ventures: The discussion about Jason Kelce’s various projects, such as his album and documentary, illustrates the impact of individual creativity and brand-building within a team. Jen emphasizes how these personal projects not only elevate the player’s profile but also positively impact the team’s brand. 

Adaptability and Avoiding Replication: In response to the success of Kelce’s ventures, Jen mentions the importance of not simply trying to replicate these successes. Instead, the focus is on authentic storytelling and exploring new creative avenues.