In This Episode: Paul Paray is an attorney who provides privacy and data breach counsel for firms after data incidents. In this episode, Brian & Paul discuss the latest cybersecurity threats, and ways that business owners can protect their companies in 2021.

Security Advice from Paul Paray:

  • Sometimes the simplest safeguards may keep your business from getting hacked.
  • The FCC cyber planner is a free resource for business owners.
  • Every business owner must know where their data is stored, who has access to it, and if any of the data is of a sensitive nature. Always think about the weakest link in your network.
  • If you have free cybersecurity services on your computer, but have no other security protection, at the very least, turn the cybersecurity button on.
  • Beware of online scams and emails claiming to be from the IRS or someone who wants to send you a COVID stimulus check. The IRS will never email you, but scammers are sending out billions of emails every single day.