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Rod Kurtz

Entrepreneur-in-Residence, UCLA Anderson School of Management

In This Episode: Rod Kurtz, entrepreneur, and storyteller, shares his journey from corporate media to entrepreneurship and emphasizes the power of authentic storytelling in building a compelling brand narrative. He discusses the importance of flexibility, customer feedback, and the innovative “bar pitch” technique, offering valuable lessons for business owners on connecting with their audience and navigating the challenges of today’s dynamic market. 

Key Takeaways: 

The Power of Authentic Storytelling: Rod emphasizes the importance of genuine storytelling in building a brand. His transition from a journalist to helping businesses tell their stories underlines the need for brands to create compelling, authentic content that resonates with their audience.

Entrepreneurial Mentorship and Education: Rod’s role as the entrepreneur in residence at UCLA Anderson School of Management allows him to engage with emerging businesses and entrepreneurs to get a fresh perspective on the latest trends and innovations.

AI in Business: Rod strongly recommends that companies learn to integrate AI seamlessly into their operations. However, he also advises that leveraging AI should not be the sole focus but part of a broader strategy that includes strong storytelling and brand building.

The Bar Pitch: Rod introduced the concept of the “bar pitch” as a more effective alternative to the traditional elevator pitch. This approach is useful in networking settings (e.g., conference receptions) and when seeking to capture the attention of potential investors or customers quickly.