In this Episode, Gregg Reid, Creative Director at Hundred Studio, shares insights into the challenges and rewards of maintaining a strong, creative, and value-driven approach in branding. 

Podcast Highlights from Gregg: 

Leveraging Opportunities in Adversity: The founding of Hundred Studio during the pandemic demonstrates how perceived adversities can be turned into opportunities. Gregg’s ability to see potential during a challenging time and act on it is a valuable lesson for entrepreneurs.

Being Different in a Competitive Market: By choosing to be different in a market where competitors are becoming more alike, Hundred Studio can offer unique value and stand out. 

Avoid the Pitfall of Imitation: Businesses need to watch out for the trap of constantly looking sideways at competitors, which can lead to imitation rather than innovation. He advises learning from different sectors and thinking beyond immediate industry boundaries to gain a competitive edge.

Depth Over Superficial Branding: Gregg emphasizes the importance of depth in branding – every interaction and element should resonate with the brand’s essence, much like every detail in a Martin Scorsese film is meticulously placed.

Effective Brand Strategy Business Owners: A well-defined brand strategy allows any business to be more focused and efficient in their marketing and sales efforts, avoiding wastage on unaligned or broad strategies.

Value of an External, Unbiased Perspective: When entering new markets, the benefit of bringing an outside opinion without preconceived notions or baggage is emphasized. This fresh perspective can lead to innovative solutions unencumbered by industry norms or past practices.