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Serial entrepreneur and author Shelby Scarbrough discusses her three latest projects: Her book, “Civility Rules” which was released during the pandemic, her new company, The Global School of Entrepreneurship, and another book which came out this month titled “UNDAUNTED: The Extraordinary Life Story of the First Aviator to Attempt a Solo Flight Around the World.” It’s the true story of Jimmie Mattern, Shelby’s grandfather. Lots of great content packed into 30 minutes. Definitely worth your time.

Shelby’s Rules on Civility:

  1. We teach children how to behave in this world and how to show up in this world every single day by how we behave.
  2. We must watch what we say and do to be examples for ourselves and the rest of society.
  3. Learn to embrace ugly moments because they are moments of growth.
  4. Today’s world is complex and complicated. Instead of immediately judging others, we should learn to gather information to better see the full picture.