In This Episode – For over two decades, Loren Feldman has covered entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship for Inc. Magazine, Forbes, and the New York Times. Today he’s taking everything he knows about the market and building the 21 Hats community for business owners…and it is IMPRESSIVE!

Highlights from Loren:

  • Two percent of businesses are going to change the world and make headlines. The other 98% of small businesses make up the backbone of our society. 
  • Behind every small business is a personal origin story. It would be impossible to hear them all, but 21 Hats helps bring those stories to those who need to read or hear them.
  • Different business owners need different things at different times. Whether it be inspiration, a call to action, or a reminder of how well they are doing. 
  • The best way to learn is from someone else’s mistakes.
  • Tell your stories of failure. It has the potential to make everybody better.