In This Episode: Jon and Brian have a lively, entertaining discussion on how Customer Relationship Management software (CRM) can help small business owners in ways they never imagined. Enjoy the podcast and make sure to take notes. 

Seven Practical Tips From Jon:

  • It is hard to attract eyeballs today, especially in our over-connected, over-communicated world. And it’s expensive. Advertising is a race to the bottom to get eyeballs.
  • If you want to access customers today, the best and those efficient way to do it is to identify their core influencer, ideally in and around the areas of your products or services.
  • Here are my three P’s of life. Figure out your Passion. Build a Plan to achieve it and make it your daily Purpose. Passion, Plan, and Purpose!
  • There are over 225 million global businesses, and less than 1% use any kind of CRM. For most companies, CRM is their inbox, spreadsheet, post notes or social media.
  • The five F’s of life, family, friend, food, fun and fellowship. These are the softer side of life that you connect to another human being on, which will get you through the bumps of business, price, deliverability, whatever.
  • Most businesses forget about the people they sold to. They don’t ask for referrals or additional sales, and they don’t use the data they have to build personas of the people and companies that buy from them.
  • If you tell stories about how customers are transforming themselves with your product or service, you put the customer at the center of the story. You connect your brand with customers.