In This Episode – Brian and Jocelyn run a successful monthly workshop for business owners who need a solid foundation for their companies. Have a pen/pad ready and be prepared to take LOTS of notes.  Great advice and takeaways in this podcast.

Jocelyn’s Advice for Business Owners:

  • Bricks or Sticks is a month-long workshop for business owners who want or need a much stronger foundation in business from which to operate. We identify what type of business owner they are, we help them set up a GPS plan for their company, we help them become more proactive in business, we work on internal and external branding, and we play something called the “What If” game. 
  • I love teaching, working in a group setting, and facilitating the connections that happen in a group. Our Bricks or Sticks workshop is perfect for us.  We have a lot of information to share, and we have a track record of helping clients. 
  • When a Business has a strong foundation, their chances of success are much higher. We can help build that foundation in 30 days.
  • There are plenty of forks-in-the-road, and it’s easy to get distracted in Business. We help Business owners learn to make those decisions BEFORE they get to the forks. It’s a proactive vs. a reactive mindset.
  • The GPS Plan has been a big hit in our workshops. People want something concrete that shows them where to go and how to get there. But, they also need to have DCA—that is key. Discipline, Commitment, and Accountability. Without DCA, your GPS Plan won’t work.