In This Episode – Meaghan Sullivan shares her extensive experience from working with SAP’s 23,000 partners around the globe and offers advice to business owners on how to run more efficient and productive companies.

Advice from Meaghan Sullivan:

  • Give employees a voice and the space to express how they feel and what they are going through; it is a big deal! Empathy and trust are two intangibles that can be the difference between employees staying with you or leaving for another company. 
  • Businesses need to become better story tellers. Tell stories about the success customers had working with your business. Even better, have the customers tell the stories themselves—in the first person. Having customers become your advocates and ambassadors is a great way to turn prospects into customers. 
  • Business owners need to identify the weak links in their companies and strengthen them. Learn from what other business owners do—what works for them and what doesn’t work. It’s almost impossible to get all the answers on your own
  • The best thing business owners can do is meet with other owners who failed and are willing to talk about it. Why did you fail? What did you learn from it? If you could do it all over again, what would you do?  Those are critical conversations. 
  • When everything is going well, few leaders and employees ever look back to see what they did wrong. Why would they? 
  • I have been courageous enough in the past to make tough decisions and take risks. Much of it came from 20 seconds of courage to convince myself that it was the right decision. Once I did that, the rest became easier.