In this Episode:

There is nothing conventional about Richard Saul Wurman, the Founder of the TED conferences and the author of 91 books. He is indefatigable, brilliant, charismatic, and very funny. And if you listen carefully, he might share with you the secrets of the universe.

Wit & Wisdom from Richard Saul Wurman:

  • I have positioned myself mentally so that everybody else has something to give me, from which I can learn. I am taking advantage of everybody because I can learn from everybody else. I am not trying to be superior or smarter than they are.
  • Whoever you are with has some knowledge, some ideas, some viewpoint, something you agree with, something you totally agree with that you do not know about
  • Things that I cannot change and do not affect an active pattern of connectivity, of what I am working on now, really do not interest me so much. I try not to spend any time on them.
  • You can either live a vertical or horizontal life. A vertical life pertains to when you get interested in one thing and you spend your life doing it better and better. A horizontal life is filled with your interests and the connective tissue between interest and interest. So, it goes on. You do not ever do anything very well.
  • I really do think about my words so that they have clarity and that there’s meaning.