In this Episode, If you have an idea for a successful product or service and you go to Marquette University…Patrick Monahan is the guy you want to see! He runs the 707 Hub where student ideas become reality. 

Podcast Highlights: 

Student-Centered Innovation Hub: The 707 Hub at Marquette University is a student-centered, anti-disciplinary innovation space. It acts as a catalyst for students who want to turn their ideas into action, emphasizing the importance of ‘doing’ in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Evolution and Impact of the 707 Hub: Originating from a student proposal in 2015, the 707 Hub has evolved from a concept to a physical space for collaboration and innovation. It was initially funded by a $25,000 grant and has transitioned from a conference room to a more suitable location.

Diverse Participation and Programs: The Hub is utilized by students across various disciplines, not limited to business majors. It offers numerous programs like the Brewed Ideas Challenge, the Dorm Fund, and Silicon Valley experiences. These programs provide students with opportunities to develop and fund their ideas, as well as gain real-world exposure.

Success Stories and Social Entrepreneurship: The Hub has fostered various successful ventures, including socially conscious projects like Community Books and the Career Closet. 

Looking Ahead: There is a focus on integrating the Hub’s activities into Marquette’s educational framework. A new course, “Methods in Ignatian Innovation,” is planned to offer academic credit for engaging in these experiential learning opportunities. The course will engage students in identifying and attempting to solve community social problems. It will emphasize real-world problem-solving and application of entrepreneurial skills.