In this Episode: Brian’s guest is Christopher Johnson, President Global Financial Services & Payments at Pitney Bowes. Christopher shared insights, statistics, and trends in both small business supply chain and cash flow. He is uniquely positioned to see the obstacles and opportunities that are on the horizon in the second half of 2022. Listen to his advice on how to navigate the uncharted waters.

Highlights from Our Discussion with Christopher Johnson:

  • The cost of labor, logistics, and transportation are all challenges for business owners and will change the way they do business in the future. 
  • The cost of business operations is going up. Now is the time to think about long term capital needs, refinancing existing debt, and have working capital in place. The cost of debt is going to be higher.
  • I can’t stress enough the importance for small businesses to have access to companies such as Pitney Bowes Financial Services, who are willing to invest the time, to help them think through not only what their needs are for today, but how they set their businesses up for success as they start to enter 2023.
  • Businesses have multiple needs.  We have built in solutions capabilities that allow us to help customers with lines of credit, term debt, as well as facilities to deal with increasing costs of freight logistics and shipping.