In this Episode: Brian and Hannah talk about her success as a franchisor and her burgeoning e-commerce business selling Giggling Pig art boxes. Hannah’s story is a remarkable one, and her future looks very bright, especially in the e-commerce space.

Highlights from Our Discussion with Hannah:

  • The secret to success is not one particular thing. It is a group of things: having supportive and hardworking staff, having the vision of exactly where you want to end up, having the determination to not give up, believing in the power of manifestation and the power of thought. They all play a role in a company’s success.
  • For improvement and progress, accept feedback from customers. Develop your product or service based on the needs and suggestions made by customers.
  • A genuine love for your work will make you try harder to succeed, no matter how great the challenges.
  • Have alternative suppliers as a backup plan helps overcome most supply chain challenges. A key to success is to always have backup plans because they are almost always used.
  • Understanding every segment of your supply chain is critical to success in business today. If an indirect supplier, three levels removed from your business, has a major problem, it will move downstream and hit you at some point. The objective is to pivot your business BEFORE that happens.