In this Episode:

Vijay Ramachandran is the VP of Go to Market Experience at Pitney Bowes. Brian and Vijay discuss market trends and insights that can lead to faster and more cost-effective ecommerce operations, and better customer experiences. Vijay also shared results from PB’s BOXpoll survey responses from their shipping customers.

Highlights from Our Discussion with Vijay Ramachandran:

    • Ecommerce has gone from a convenience to being a source of joy, which is a fundamental shift in the way we think. 
    • There are two forms of competitive differentiation: It’s either the product or it’s the way you buy the product.
    • Do limited time product drops where you only have a product available for a certain amount of time, put out notifications and say: we only have two or three of these items left. Create scarcity to drive up urgency with demand.  
    • Overcommunicate on accurate delivery dates with consumers. The Pitney Bowes BOXpoll surveys show that if you provide updated estimated delivery dates, 48% of consumers will recommend your brand to their friends and family.