In this Episode

In the October segment of Small Business Edge’s “5 in Five” podcast, Josh Lawton, Managing Partner at Squared Compass, answered questions on Cybersecurity and small business. 

Josh’s Facts and Tips on Cybersecurity

  • 43% of all cyberattacks are directed towards small and medium size businesses. 
  • Of the SMB companies that are hacked, 60% will go out of business within a year as a direct result of being hacked.
  • If you run a business today, think of cybersecurity as important as properly doing your books or properly filling out your tax forms.
  • Many small businesses will use the same administrative password, not necessarily randomized, across all different devices. Hack one device and you can hack all of them. 
  • Another mistake is in the security of emails and email systems. At the very least, companies should have two factor authentications to make it a little harder to get hacked.