In This Episode – In this month’s 5 in Five segment, Brian interviewed Rudi Leuschner, Associate Professor in the Department of Supply Chain Management at Rutgers Business School. I asked Rudi five questions about supply chain management and logistics.

Supply Chain Advice from Rudi:

  • Supply chains are less disruptive than they have been over the last two years! The transportation issues we’ve seen have largely resolved themselves, however, disruptions can always happen whether they are weather related or labor issues or logjams at the ports. 
  • Global markets will welcome any stability or normalization they can get next year. There are still many financial and labor obstacles that exist today that will still be issues in 2023.
  • Supply chain financing has been a critical topic for importers and exporters over the past two years. Small and midsize companies that dealt with inventory delays turned to supply chain financing to help ease cash flow concerns. 
  • Businesses today are more resilient because of the supply chain disruptions. 
  • Holding extra inventory, finding alternative suppliers, or arranging for alternate modes of transportation should be more of a proactive measure rather than a reactive one.